My new monolith tent is coming is nicely. I’ve done acropolis and Easter island so far.

All my sketches done, gonna cut them out an glue them to my shadow tent.

Drawings for my latest Shadow Tent, I’m going for a theme of ancient monuments and megaliths from around the world.



My new 3D Shadow tent for my shop Midnight Wire. This fairytale tent tells the story of 6 beloved fairytales. Starting with Rapunzel and her long golden hair, Rumpelstiltskin spinning gold, Cinderella running away, Dorothy’s landing in Oz on the witch, Alice falling down the rabbit hole and finally Little Red Riding Hood escaping the big bad wolf…

Now for sale in my shop for £100, steep I know but a lot of love, imagination and work went into it.

(via torque8899)

My latest hot air balloon, I’m calling it my Shabby Balloon. I wanted to give the impression that it had flew into craft fair or something an the bunting has caught around the balloon. It’s now for sale in my Etsy shop for £50 so you to can drift away into the horizon on the next chapter on the journey of this balloon.

Soft hands turned hard,
Bright eyes dulled dim,
The mind wanders too far,
This rough and ripped skin,
Cling to boney fingers long and slim,
Worked too hard in creation,
To bring to life my imagination…

My hands are worn sore,
Fingers trembling and inspired,
Tools ripped, stitched and raw,
My eyes weary and tired,
From all they’ve seen and saw…