The story so far… Finally got back to my balloon. Far too busy for ballooning lately, too many people to do an things to see and no where near enough time for little old me.
But I digress, my balloon is starting to look punked out with steam. Almost finished the main balloon part then onto the basket, netting an the million an 1 small details, I think this may be my best balloon yet but I leave the judgement to you guys…
More photos soon, keep your eyes peeled.


Yay 400 followers, my life now has meaning…


Twisted Wires

Here at Twisted Wires you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things made out of wire from Tree Pendants to Bookmarks from Cinderella Carriages to Hot Air Balloons!

Each piece Is an original design you won’t find anywhere else!

An eco-friendly ethos and environmentally sound materials, sourced from trusted sellers to ensure the impact onto the natural world is minimal and sustainable.

Each piece created has an Ouroboros infinity symbol ∞ incorporated into it somewhere as the signature so that you know you’re getting a Jason Kenny made Twisted Wires original.

It has begun…. Another steampunk hot air balloon. This time leather an tan, I’m going for a different style to the first one, hopefully it’ll be unique.

This is how they all start, a reel of wire, some cloth, a bit of cotton and rope and some brass bits an bobs for the steampunk element. Just now gotta add the magic
(that’s me, I’m the magic, like David Blaine with wire, actually fuck David Blaine, David Blaine is like me without wire, an a stupid eye on his hand, I have calluses on mine not stupid eyes, in conclusion I can make stuff happen with wire, maybe more like electricity, there you go Im electric, an electric wire man…)

Some of my favourite pieces for my shop Midnight Wire that I’ve created over the last few years.


A collection of some of my favourite pieces I’ve created. 
Going in order it’s
1. Alice in Wonderland Shadow Tent
2. The Circus (people of dusk)
3. Various Fairytales Shadow Tent
4. The Balloon Station (people of dusk)
5. Art Deco Birdcage
6. Storm in a Teacup Birdcage
7. Romeo and Juliet Birdcage
8. A Hot Air Balloon

My latest Shadow Tent night light now for sale for £100.
As always completely original and completely handmade from garden wire some old pillow cases and cardboard.

I’m calling it my Ancient Wonders tent, as it shows some of my favourite ancient wonders of the world.

The special feature is that the sun rises an sets through the scenes to complete a full day.

Starting at Stonehenge where the sun rises over the heel stone In the background (as it does once a year during the solstice)

Then rising over the pyramids of Egypt an the Sphinx in the fore ground.

Then almost noon over the Acropolis of Greece.

High Noon over the Moai of Easter Island.

Setting over the stepped Pyramid Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Then finally the mood out finishing over Gobekli Tepe of Turkey.

Yours to own now…

I’ve now added the final parts, the Suns and the moons. I’ve just got to secure the lights then I’ll be adding the final set of photos. The sun rises an sets through the scenes and starts at the stonehenge scene rising over the heel stone as it does every year when your stood in the centre on the summer solstice.

Update for my latest shadow tent. Nearly finished, ive completed two more panels Chichen Itza in Mexico and Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. I have mixed feelings about Gobekli Tepe as its amazing that a whole chapter of early human history has been discovered by unearthing these ruins which are the oldest man made structures on earth. But I’m also a little gutted as Stonehenge had that title for thousands of years after Gobekli Tepe was buried an lost until it’s rediscovery 15 years ago. I liked that Britain had the worlds oldest structure an now we’ve lost the title lol. But I wonder how many more Gobekli’s are out there waiting to be rediscovered…

All my sketches done, gonna cut them out an glue them to my shadow tent.